WooCommerce or Shopify for Dropshipping: Which is Best for You?

Difference between Woocommerce and Shopify

Want to get started with Woocommerce or Shopify for Dropshipping but don’t know where to start? Relax. We’re going to figure it out today.

Dropshipping has emerged as a trending and high growth driver in the worldwide marketplace for retailers to avoid the risk of building inventory and keeping up with customer support. There is no doubt that dropshipping has become the future of great success for retailers around the world.

eCommerce basically helps a business to sell their products and services online. However, if your business needs an e-commerce website and you are confused between the number of different e-commerce platforms to choose from, we have you all covered up. Two of the best and the only noteworthy platforms are Shopify and WooCommerce, but which one to choose? Let’s get into it.

What are WooCommerce and Shopify for Dropshipping?

Both these websites will enable you to build your e-commerce store. Whether you are starting a business from scratch or are bringing your physical store to the online platform, or if you want to start selling printed t-shirts from your home or even if you are building an online store as an affiliate, these websites have covered you up.
Despite performing the same tasks, these websites have a whole different setup. Both websites have their own perks and drawbacks. Let’s compare the two most popular e-commerce platforms.

Why Choose Shopify?

Here are the top 5 points which will make the comparison simpler. Shopify has great templates, WooCommerce too has good templates but Shopify has really better and more professional templates to choose from. Shopify is also a bit easier to use. It has been specifically made to make it as simple as possible for people to use.

Shopify also has a 24/7 customer helpline which is a really big deal as they will be there for you to solve all your problems, whereas WooCommerce doesn’t offer this service. You have to be sort of on your own and manage things out. WooCommerce is a free plug-in to WordPress.

Pros vs Cons of Woocommerce or Shopify for Dropshipping

WooCommerce doesn’t have many apps whereas Shopify has better apps. Shopify can provide any email provider that you want and is more professional in terms of add-ons.
As Shopify is simpler and easier to use, there are fewer chances of you getting messed up. Everything goes smoothly. WooCommerce is a bit difficult to manage and you might end up rethinking your decision.

Pros of Shopify

  • Better template options.
  • Easier to use compared to WordPress.
  • 24/7 support from Shopify.
  • Third-party apps and connections.
  • Easier to manage.

Why Choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free plug-in to WordPress. Therefore, you need hosting on WordPress which won’t cost you much and that makes WooCommerce cheaper to use. This is most probably the biggest pro of WooCommerce, that it makes it a lot cheaper to build an E-commerce store, than Shopify.

Shopify pretty much doesn’t allow you to work according to you whereas on WooCommerce you can change everything according to your preference on your website.
WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which is great for blogging and if your business has a lot of content marketing, it is going to be really beneficial for you.

Pros of WooCommerce

  • Cheaper. Much cheaper.
  • Open Source so you have complete control.
  • Great for integrating with millions of free plugins.

How to Set Up WooCommerce

Here are 6 simple steps to start your own WooCommerce website.

  • Buy a Domain Name
  • Choose a Web Host
  • Install WordPress
  • Install WooCommerce
  • Get a Merchant Account
  • Start Listing Your Products

How to Set Up Shopify

When starting with Shopify you don’t have to go with as many steps as WooCommerce.

You just have to get on the Shopify link and sign up. You will have to fill in the information, as asked and there you go. Your online store is created. After that, you have to create your first product and start the selling process.

Overview of Woocommerce or Shopify for Dropshipping

If you are willing to pay more for an eCommerce site that has fewer issues and is more professional then you should go with Shopify. If you are someone who is more technical and also wants to save money then WooCommerce is the best option for you.

It is going to be one of the most important decisions that you will take for your business. Therefore, choose the one that will preferably be more helpful to your business. Don’t forget to check out our article on 10 eCommerce Tips to Promote your Business.

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