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Classroom Scrum Agile Training Courses & Certification

Empower your team to learn the skills required for an ever-evolving world. Our Agile Training Courses are designed to help you master the Agile framework and Scrum methodologies will help your teams deliver world-class results for your products and services.

Core Agile Training Courses & Best Practices for Business Success

Real agility comes from freedom, not frameworks. Our courses on Agile Scrum Master Training powered by Ritors Product School will help you understand all the benefits of agile, and make it work for you and your organization.

Learn Agile Manifesto Fundamentals

Learn the various principles of the Agile manifesto and see what frameworks suit your culture the best. Empower your team to take charge of their deliverables and plan for greater agility.

Build Powerful Leadership Mindsets

Deliver business value by creating leadership momentum through self-serving teams. Get your team ready to facilitate daily scrum rituals and prep for the future with our Agile Culture classroom training.

Develop & Enhance Team Skills

Give your teams the tools they need to set up and handle multiple projects. Equip them to handle Scrum boards, build roadmaps, pick up backlogs, and more.

Create Organization Rigour & Cadence

Develop a winning mindset for facilitating backlog grooming, user stories, sprint planning, retrospectives, approvals, and reviews.

Setup Core Values for Success

Measure the success of your products and services by reviewing team velocity, coverage, and pairing. The Agile manifesto is the perfect platform to adopt for teams that are obsessed with delivering results.

Ritors Agile Certification

Get your team certified by expert leaders and masters in the field of Agile training and development. Ritors is a globally recognized certification program for product leaders.

Get Your Team Agile Certified

Ready to empower your teams with the tools and strategies they need to deliver results for your products or services? Let’s get started by registering for a classroom session today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agile Training?

Agile Culture and Methodology is a program offered by Ritors Product School and aims to attest to one’s proficiency with the Agile framework and the Scrum methodology. Our Agile Scrum is all about teamwork to accomplish a task. Agile processes are well-liked methods in software development and are being applied more frequently in other fields. Cross-functional, self-managed teams are formed using scrum principles, and each sprint or iteration ends with a working deliverable. An agile development team’s facilitator is the scrum master. A team can self-organize and make changes quickly using the Scrum technique, which adheres to agile principles. The scrum master oversees the procedure for exchanging information.

Who is it for?

The adoption of Agile or Scrum in the workplace and assuming the job of Scrum Master are the main topics of this agile scrum master certification. It is designed for product managers, marketing managers, engineering teams, product operation executives, team leaders, project managers, scrum team managers, product owners, professionals looking to pursue Scrum Master Certification, and technical leaders.

Are there any prerequisites?

No. There are no eligibility criteria for anyone looking to get certified in Agile Culture and Methodologies. It is designed for anyone looking to build a career in product or service management.

Is this a classroom training session?

Yes. These modules are designed to help teams grow together and set the framework for the company to achieve results in unison. Teams are assembled based on their skill sets and goals and placed in groups within your organization.

Will this be private, confidential, and exclusive?

Yes. Our modules are tailor-made to align with your company’s goals and objectives. We ensure that your intellectual property is not exposed to anyone outside your organization and remains private and confidential.

What are the costs involved?

We are happy to work out a cost that benefits the basis of your company’s objectives and the number of team members you would like added to the session. Reach out to Us to learn more about corporate pricing options.

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