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Our UX Design Thinking workshops are suitable for anyone involved in the design or development of products or services, including designers, product managers, engineers, marketers, and customer service representatives. In our workshops, students gain a range of valuable skills and insights. Students will also learn how to conduct user research, develop personas, and create user journey maps that help them understand the needs and pain points of their customers.

User Experience Professionals
Information Architects
Web Designers
Mobile App Designers
Content Writers
Design Students
Graphic / Visual Designers
Business & Sales Analysts
Interaction Designers
Software Developers
Marketing Professionals
Product Managers


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Program Benefits & Highlights

Advanced Certification in UI & UX Design

UX Workshop Mumbai

Become a UX & UI Professional

Our Design Thinking Workshops focus on developing empathy for users, understanding their needs, and designing solutions that meet those needs. This can be achieved through activities such as user research, persona development, and user journey mapping.

UX Workshop Mumbai

Work in an Agile Team

The workshop encourages an iterative design process, where ideas are generated, prototyped, and tested in order to refine and improve them. This can be achieved through activities such as rapid prototyping, user testing, and design sprints.

Agile Training Mumbai

Achieve your Company OKRs

We foster a collaborative environment where participants can work together to generate and refine ideas. This can be achieved through activities such as group brainstorming, design critiques, and collaborative prototyping sessions.


Participants use the human-centered design approach to understand users and design digital tools that are intuitive to use and create a bit of delight along the way. Our syllabus and curriculum cover every aspect of design thinking and building businesses for scale.


Setting Business Goals
User Research Techniques
 Stakeholder Management
Competitive Research
Empathy Mapping
Building Focus Groups
Running User Interviews
Creating Context


Defining OKRs
Understanding Customers
 Prioritizing Deliverables
Agile Methodologies
Leadership Management
Tracking Performance


Card Sorting
Building Slick Plans
Task Flow & Story Boarding
Creating User Journey
Creating Paper Mocks
Designing Prototypes
Clickable Prototypes
Responsive Design


Conducting User Testing
Creating Acceptance Criteria
 Running A/B Tests
Removing Bias
Customer Reviews
Business Alignment


Pricing Strategy
Sales Enablement
 Creating Collaterals
Defining GTM Strategy
Marketing Techniques
Content Management


Handling Iterations
Growth Trajectory
Market Evaluation
Trend Forecasting

Why Take this Course & Workshop

Design thinking is a powerful problem-solving approach that can help teams tackle complex challenges and come up with innovative solutions. By taking a design thinking workshop, you or your team can learn how to apply this approach to your work and reap the benefits of a more creative and collaborative process.

Understand Customer Needs

The workshop can help participants gain a deeper understanding of the needs, motivations, and pain points of the users they are designing for.

Prioritize Company OKRs

Through collaboration and exploration, the workshop can help teams identify and prioritize goals, and ensure that everyone is aligned on the same objectives.

Deliver Creative solutions

Our workshop encourages participants to generate a range of creative and innovative ideas, leading to potential breakthrough solutions.

Serve Prototypes & Test

Through rapid prototyping and testing, the workshop can help validate design ideas and iterate toward an optimal solution that meets the needs of the users.

Build Agile Collaborators

We create a sense of teamwork and collaboration among all participants, leading to improved communication, trust, and shared ownership of the project.

Reach Goals

Ultimately, we lead you towards better creative outcomes that meet the needs of your users and achieve OKRs, resulting in better user satisfaction and sales.

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Our Design Thinking Workshops have helped professionals become more creative, collaborative, and customer-focused.


Product Manager

I came to Cyberdunes as a blank canvas and eyes full of hope. Today I can say that I have become a much more confident UX and UI designer because I have finally been able to empathize with my customers.


Marketing Specialist

Learning about user experience and user interface design with such a strong focus on design thinking really has changed the way I look at products. I now know how to prioritize my customer’s needs. 


Engineering Manager​

In this two-day workshop organized by my company, I was able to finally understand how large-scale products need to be built. I got to learn user experience design in an agile framework.

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