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Power Your Business. Empower Your Customers

Our core offering, Customer Management Experience System (CXMS) is a digital experience platform offered as a solution that enables SMBs and Enterprises to create and manage digital experiences for their customers, employees, and partners across multiple channels and touchpoints, such as websites, mobile apps, social media, email, and chatbots.

Our CXMS comes bundled with features and tools, such as content management, digital asset management, customer data management, personalization, analytics, and integrations with other enterprise systems. With our CXMS, organizations can deliver consistent, relevant, and engaging experiences to their audiences, and gain insights into their behavior and preferences.

Core Platform Capabilities

With our Digital Experience Platform (DXP), your website gets all that it needs to scale resourcefully.

Create Pages in One-Click
Publish Blog Posts Seamlessly
Digital Asset Manager
AES-256 Bit SSL Encryption
Email Marketing Systems
WYSIWYG Content Authoring
Optimize Media Effortlessly
Improve Core Web Vital Speeds
Google Analytics Integration
Marketing Promotion Tools
Create and Publish Newsletters
Technical SEO Integrations
Variation & A/B Testing
Search Console Manager
eCommerce Integration
Lead Generation Tools
Multi-Lingual Support
Data Personalization

Why Opt for our CXMS?

Take advantage of our core features and see how they can help your business grow.

Content Management

Our platform provides robust content management capabilities to enable organizations to create, manage, and publish digital content to various channels and devices.

Data Personalization

With the help of highly-targeted personalization campaigns, we enable organizations to deliver bespoke experiences for their customers and partners based on their behavior, preferences, and context.

Customer Data Management

We provide the ability to collect, store, and manage customer data from various sources and use it to personalize experiences, gain insights, and improve engagement.

Analytics & Reporting

Our DXP provides analytics and reporting tools to enable organizations to measure the effectiveness of their digital experiences, gain insights into audience behavior, and make data-driven decisions.

Integration & API Management

We provide integration and API management capabilities to enable organizations to connect to other enterprise systems, third-party services, and data sources.

AI & Machine Learning

Our CXMS leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable organizations to personalize experiences, automate tasks, and gain insights from data.

Security and Compliance

We empower our clients with robust security and compliance features to ensure the privacy, security, and protection of customer data and comply with industry and regulatory standards.

Digital Asset Management

We provide you the tools for managing digital assets such as images, videos, and documents, including storing, tagging, and optimizing them for different channels.

Marketing Automation

We integrate a plethora of tools to offer marketing automation capabilities, such as email marketing, lead scoring, and campaign management, to enable organizations to automate and personalize marketing activities.

Infrastructure & Architecture

Your site is in great hands. With our DXMS, you’ll never need to worry about a thing!

Powered by AWS

Our infra is built on super scalable AWS EC2 instances designed to take advantage of cloud resourcing.

SSL on Demand

256AES bit encryption ensures that your site gets the security protection it needs across all browsers.

Scaled Resources

Auto-scaling means that your CXMS gets all the resources it needs even at peak or high traffic demands.

Core Backups

Routine weekly or monthly backups means your data is always ready for you to consume any time you need.

DDOS Protection

Stay safe from denial-of-service attacks by ensuring that your DXP is safeguarded at all times.

Health Monitor

Monitor your DXP’s performance and health by accessing a health check dashboard 24×7.

Bundled Integrations

We’ve already prepped the backend to support anything you need.


Accelerated mobile pages means that your DXP gets all the juice it needs to achieve fast page load times.


With the help of progressive web apps, your marketing teams will love the service workers we build.

Page Caching

We optimize and cache every page for logged-in and logged-out users to help reduce resource costs.

Marketing Tools

Get access to popups, slideouts, exit-intent offers, lead control, email tools, personalization, and more.

Web Stories

Take advantage of our all-new web stories solutions to create high-value user experiences on your DXP.

Lead Generation

Forms and newsletter lead generation to ensure that you can convert users into customers.

Asset Manager

Using our digital asset manager, your media assets are compressed and can be tagged easily.


Our DXP ensures that it conforms to accessibility standards for your users across the world.


Looking to support your customers in multiple languages? We got you covered and sorted.

Built-In Technical SEO

We have built our DXP from the ground up to support indexing, crawling and ranking.


Our DXP helps built XML sitemaps that can be automatically submitted to Google Search Console.


We ensure that all the pages you need can be quickly indexed by search engines.


Need to get your content crawled correctly? Our integrated schema solutions sorts it out for you.

Redirect Tools

Never lose your traffic to old or unpublished pages with our redirection tools.

Search Console

Our DXP integrates with Google Search Console to monitor your SERP, Indexing, and Crawling

Content Checks

Make sure that your SEO effort gets the results it needs with our content optimization checklists.

Meta Data

Effortlessly tag every page and post with meta title and meta description information.

Link Monitor

Ensure that your links are never broken or outdated. Our DXP will notify you when links are down.

Keyword Research

Our forecasting data assists you with keyphrase volume data and ranking difficulty for your posts and pages.

Marketing Benefits

Looking to run a promotion or campaign? We got you covered.

Offers & Promos

Run promotions and offers without any dependency on development teams or coding skills.


Want to capture your user’s attention? Seamlessly build popups and trigger them anywhere.

Exit Intent

Don’t let your visitors leave and capture their interest before they leave your site.

Email Marketing

Send out marketing emails to your user base by selecting any template for your business.

Lead Generation

Generate leads by using forms and special offers to ensure that your users stay connected.


Create personal web experiences for your users and run A/B tests to see what works for your customers.

Collect Payments

Create and offer multiple channels to capture credit cards, debit cards, net banking, or digital payments.


Capture emails and send out automated weekly or monthly newsletters to your user base.

A/B Testing

We’ve integrated directly with Google Optimize to ensure that you can run A/B or variation tests quickly.

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