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Learn UI UX Fundamentals

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are crucial to the success of your products and services. Teams need to learn UI UX as they are frequently overlooked during the software development process, but they contribute significantly in the background to enticing users by offering an aesthetically pleasing, fluid, and useful experience. Give your design and product teams the tools to succeed.

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Learn UX UI Effectively as a Team

Our classroom training for UX and UI offers professionals a way to think with rigor. Our focused mentorship sessions make our distinctive learning methodologies the perfect platform to deliver user-centric products and services.

User Research

Learn how to build contextual inquiries and create affinity diagrams. Take charge of your work models and create better interpretations of interviews. Master the art of quantitative user research.

UX Design

Practice Design Thinking by learning how to optimize for user experience, conceptual models, and user models. Set UX goals, and build user personas and service scenarios. Learn how to build product vision.

UI Design

Develop heuristic UI designs by following the principles of design thinking and usability. Learn how to design systems that are built and what kind of prototypes you need to make.


Understand how the web differs from mobile and learn where to prioritize based on A/B testing environments. Learn the fundamentals of design evaluation to drive results and deliver outcomes.

User Personas

Evaluate the market and conduct user research to build personas for the products and services you are looking to offer.

Case Studies

Measure outcomes to understand which features need to be picked up from the backlog based on learnings from case studies from other design-first-thinking companies.

Learn UI UX in 3 Sessions

Ready to take on the world of User Experience? All you need is 3 in-depth classroom training sessions to get you started while you build great products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Learn UI UX in 3 Sessions?

Our classroom training workshops are designed to give you an interactive, engaging, and creatively satisfying set of 3 sessions that will give you all the tools and learnings you need to learn user experience design in the shortest time frame possible. Paired with Design Thinking, this course is perfect for creative teams.

What Will I Learn?

Professionals who are skilled in user experience (UX) design may develop engaging experiences for users. Our UX design courses give creative teams a solid foundation that gives them the context, resources, and best practices they need to become successful UX professionals.

Are there any Prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for this beginner-friendly curriculum, and many professionals are already familiar with graphic and digital design principles. Our curriculum helps you become fluent in end-to-end UX processes, tools, and documentation and puts them to work for you, your organization, and your career, whether you’re new to the sector or looking to formalize your profession.

Is this Course Relevant Today?

A competitive advantage is provided by great user experiences for any business. They encourage consumer loyalty and transform them become a company’s most ardent supporters. Additionally, they promote product acceptance and revenue growth. InVision published a survey in 2019 that found that 92% of established design firms could directly link the work of their design team to sales. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about UX design trends.

Can I Work Full-Time While Enrolled in this Course?

Definitely! Our entire selection of part-time programs is intended for individuals with demanding full-time jobs who are occupied.

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