10 eCommerce Tips to Promote your Online Store

Ecommerce Tips

There are a number of ways you can use our ecommerce tips for your store to automate itself. Promoting it on the internet is the best way to do this. And at the same time reach out to a global customer base. To make things easy, here is a list of ten tips to make your online store promotion a breeze. It’s time to start taking your sales charts hit the roof.

1. Advertise use Google Ads

Google is one of the biggest names in the online advertising space. This makes it the best place to promote any kind of product or business. They provide a service known as Google Ads. It is an online platform where advertisers pay to display their ads on websites that have Google Ads enabled. There are a lot of them. Google Ads helps you target the right audiences using the right keywords so that your product gets the right limelight.

2. Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are the best places to capture younger audiences. Phone users spend up to 60% of their day using social networking apps. Advertising your eCommerce store on any one of these sites can turn out to be the turning point for your business.

3. Affiliate Marketing eCommerce Tips

The best way to promote your business is to let the people promote it for you. Using affiliate marketing, people selling a product on your behalf can be rewarded with a commission-based structure. Using our Content Marketing Tips, you can get better results with your affiliate marketers.

4. Partnering up with Social Media Influencer

Sponsoring content of popular social media influencers like famous YouTubers or Instagramers to promote your business allows you to capture their widespread audience. Influencers have millions of followers from around the world. A positive review from them can prove to be a game-changer for the growth of your online business.

5. Offer Coupons and Discounts

A traditional approach to marketing is to provide great deals and discounts via coupons. Do this regularly to keep your customers constantly engaged in your online store. If people know you share discounted deals regularly, their curiosity will drive them to check out your store. This is a great way to leverage our ecommerce tips and get people to come back to your online store. It’s also a very effective way to leverage your traffic.

6. Associating with Bloggers

Contact a blogger who writes about content that is related to your business and ask them to add your reference or a link to the product itself in their blogs. This is another great way to gain some new traffic. Imagine having an online electronics store and asking a tech blogger to leave a link to your website whenever he or she writes about a new mobile phone or review a new laptop. Instant sales!

7. eCommerce Tips for First Purchase Offers

Many popular online eCommerce websites provide a great number of deals, discounts and cashback offer on every user’s first purchase. These types of schemes are very helpful in getting new user traffic to your online business and if the users like your product then it is highly likely that they will refer it to their friends and family.

8. Hold a Contest on Social Media

People like to compete and showcasing an online contest on your business’s social media handles is the best way to attract the crowd and therefore is a great way to spread the word about the products that your online business has to offer. You can offer one of your products as the price for your online store promotion and then announce the contest on your social media handles. Check out our view on How to Gain Followers with Social Media.

9. Involve Your Staff for more eCommerce Tips

Asking your staff and people associated with your business to promote it on their social media handle from time to time and keeping their friends and family up to date with the deals and offers that your business provides. You can also ask your employees to wear a t-shirt with your business logo on it, which is another great way to advertise. If you’re feeling generous, offer rewards for employees that bring in sales via a commission structure.

10. Build a Referral Network

The best way to promote your online store is through some kind of referral program that is able to bring in sales. It could be something as simple as providing your customers with discounts or free items for referring to their friends. There are also two-way schemes where both the user who referred and the new user gets some sort of store credit or discount which can in turn helps to motivate them to buy products from your store. You can also use our 2020 SEO Tips to help you build a better referral network.

Leveraging the power of the internet, you can do so much for your eCommerce store. Creating a marketing strategy with a blend of all the above activities will help you see the sales you’re waiting for. As long as you never gamble with the quality of your marketing campaigns, success will be around the corner.

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