Super Easy Google Analytics Setup Steps for You to Get Started

Google Analytics Easy Setup

Google cares a lot for small businesses and offers you a number of tools that can be used to measure your site’s performance. One such well-known tool is the Easy Google Analytics Setup, the perfect measurement, performance, and traffic insight tool out there.

Do not expect your website to magically grow if you do not keep a track of its insights. Understanding how your website performs will help you in understanding how your visitors perceive and behave with your brand. But how exactly do you set up Google Analytics? We know that the Google documentation explaining how to set up Google Analytics is not the best so we’re going to break it down for you. Here’s the easiest and most effective way to set up Google Analytics for your website.

Easy Google Analytics Setup using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager makes it easy for you to work with tags. Google Analytics is a tag so placing inside Tag Manager is the ideal solution. It reduces the extra effort that needs to be put in while reaching the source. You can easily paste any tags such a Hotjar, Crazyegg, etc using Google Tag Manager. It will help you in collecting data from your website for various metrics. GTM or Google Tag Manager acts as a digital mediator and helps you in sharing information from your website to Google Analytics for further analysis. Therefore, the first step is to set up Google Tag Manager for easy Google Analytics setup.

Step 1 – Go to Google’s Tag Manager Website and get started.

Go to Google's Tag Manager Website and get started.

Step 2 – Login with your Google Account

Login with your Google Account

Step 3 – Create a New Google Tag Manager (GTM) container for the website you want to track. Remember to name your account something that relates to your website name.

Create a New Google Tag Manager (GTM) container for the website you want to do for Easy Google Analytics Setup.

Step 4 – Choose the kind of app or website or AMP site you are trying to set up.

Choose the kind of app or website or AMP site you are trying to set up.

Step 5 -Agree with the terms and conditions.

Agree with the terms and conditions.

Step 6 – Select the container you just created.

Select the container you just created for your Easy Google Analytics Setup.

Step 7 – Click on your GTM Tracking ID to proceed.

Step 8 – Copy and paste the GTM script into the source code of your website.

Copy and paste the GTM script into the source code of your website.

Add a Property inside Google Analytics

Once done setting up Google Tag Manager, we can move on to create your analytics account. Let’s add your first website property. Open Google Analytics and fill in all the information required in setting up your account. This will include your website’s name, URL, etc. Accept terms and conditions and you will be given a tracking ID. This tracking ID will give instructions to Google Analytics to provide you with the analysis. Also, keep in mind that you must never share this ID with anyone.

Add a Property inside Easy Google Analytics Setup

Customize Your Triggers

Now that we have Google Tag Manager ready, we can go ahead and create triggers that will help us understand specific metrics of your site. Open your Google Tag Manager dashboard and click on “Add a New Tag.” Next, you need to specify the trigger to di what you would like it to do. You can tell the trigger to fetch the type of data you want to collect and the place you would like to send it to, like a reporting dashboard.

Don’t forget that when you are creating a tag for your Easy Google Analytics Setup, choose universal analytics to make sure that you are using the new format of the metric tracking. After that, select the type of data you would like to track and move to Google Analytics settings. In settings, choose a new variable from the dropdown menu. Next, you need to enter your Google Analytics tracking ID.

Customize Your Triggers

By doing this, your website’s data will straightway go to Google Analytics. After finishing the configuration, it’s time to move to the type of data you would want to send. Click on the triggering button and select all pages in order to send the data from all the respective pages on your website. Click on ‘Save’ and it’s done. You can set up multiple tags to help you achieve the reporting dashboards you want.

Let’s Set Up Some Goals on your Easy Google Analytics Setup

Now, it’s time to get Google Analytics acquainted with the goals and expectations of the website. Goals are a way for you to set up certain objectives for your site. You may want to set a goal for a signup or a payment or an email campaign’s performance. You can specify a value for a goal so that you know how well a funnel or a campaign is performing In order to do this, open the dashboard and click on ‘Admin’. The window that opens will include “Goals” click on that button.

Let’s Set Up Some Goals

Here you will be able to set up specific goals. Be as detailed as possible while setting up the goals. This will include goals description, type, and other relevant details. Once , done with that, click on the Save button. Now, Google Analytics is aware of your definition of success and will work accordingly to track it down.

The Final Step: Linking It To Google Search Console

Linking it to Google Search Console will help you make sure you have complete control of your website inside the Google ecosystem. Take a look at our SEO Guide to help you understand what we mean. In a nutshell, it basically keeps a track of your site’s presence in search engines. When both of these free tools offered by Google are used together, you are assured that your metrics will be tracked effortlessly, and you’ll be able to concentrate on how to optimize your next campaign.

Easy Google Analytics Setup

This Easy Google Analytics Setup is a powerful tool that MUST be used in order to keep track of your website’s performance and user behavior. Once you get insights into your site, you will understand what your website is lacking and how you can make necessary changes accordingly. Blindly putting up copy on your site without using our content marketing tips and measuring the performance will never get you closer to achieving your goals.

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