Free Keyword Research Tools for Small Businesses

Free Keyword Research Tools for Small Businesses

If you looking for the best Free Keyword Research Tools and at the same time are a business owner, creator, or an online marketer, you will always want that more people visit your webpage and buy your products and services. The easiest way to achieve this is to find your potential customers and understand their needs and create content around it. This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Every search on a search engine expresses people’s needs, interests, and desires. Search Engine Optimisation is a way of life for every organic marketeer and it should start become yours too. One of the best ways to boost organic traffic on your web page is with the help of SEO but that ideally begins by knowing which keywords to target. This is where keyword research tools come in.

Keywords are very essential. If Google thinks your keywords are relevant and it answers the searcher’s questions, then Google gives your webpage organic ranking so that audience will find your content. Keywords are the essential factor for Google to be able to analyse the SEO score of a webpage. Keyword research is an essential step to Best SEO Practices for small businesses.

With the help of using the right phrases, you can optimise your webpage and will be more visible in the search engine result page, resulting in more organic traffic. Keywords are the foundation of your marketing campaign for your business. 

Think of keywords as subtle clues for search engines like Google to know where to look. Keywords are those phrases that help you know your customer’s thought process, which in turn helps you to plan your marketing strategy. There will always be an interrelationship between the Free Keyword Research Tools you use and the way your website ranks organically.

Free Keywords Research Tools

With the help of certain free keyword research tools, you can choose the best keywords suitable for your business and you can also see monthly searches of a particular keyword. You can use a keyword research tool for the organic traffic on your webpage. 

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Google AdWords is a very prominent choice for the top spot in the list of best free keyword research tools. The chief benefit of Google AdWords is that it directly extracts the information from Google, the search engine, which widely used for searching by the users. 

It also provides average monthly searches of any keyword and also provides you the information on competition of a particular keyword. The first step after opening the Google AdWords is that enter your keywords into the search box. Then everything put out in front of you, concisely. 

SEMrush Free Keyword Research Tools

With SEMrush, you will not get a list of keywords instead, it will produce 5-10 precise keywords that your competitors are already using. It will reveal long-tail keywords and will provide you yearly keyword trends. It also reveals to you the worldwide CPC circulation statistics. In this keyword search tool software you have access to the complete keyword research toolkit. It also helps you to show the insights of organic traffic. 

SEMrush is a paid tool and comes with 4 different pricing plans which you can accord to your requirement. 

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ideal for today’s creators and businesses, this toolkit is the best keyword research option. This platform provides a broad report of keywords to the user. Ahrefs keyword explorer also provides you the metrics of how much time the viewer spends on your page, how they arrived on your page, and where they went next. 

The unique feature of this tool is that it provides 1,000+ keywords suitable for your business. This tool is supported in 171 countries and it also gives you an expanded SERP overview. 

Ahrefs also has four pricing plans, and their free trial is for seven days. 


The all new Majestic Research Tool is ideal for small businesses and for new bloggers who don’t have enough resources to invest in complicated research tool for search engine optimization. In this tool, it is very easy to find keywords for your content, and all SEO features are available in a single place. 

In majestic tool, after signing up, you can run 3 free searches that help you understand the functions of a toolkit. The keyword checker feature is only available in PRO plans.  

SerpStat Free Keyword Research Tools

If you are looking for an all in one SEO tool, then Serpstat is an ideal research tool for you. It provides features like keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, a rank tracker, and website audit features. You can use the competitor graph feature to know your competition in the market. It is the most budget-friendly tool for keyword research. 

It also provides you free trial membership and for regular usage of services, sign in with the subscription.

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